Apollo 13 - 50th Anniversary

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07-Dec-2019: Apollo 17 real-time tracker link added, Updated Chat Link (members)

13-Nov-2019: Adapted page to the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 12, check links (also as logged in member) for a small real-time tracker (and chat).

11-Aug-2019: Anniversary ticker will show up on birthdays and days of death of all astronauts of the Moon landing program who have been on a space mission as well as in addition for some honorable people.

Mailing list

The mailing list of the MoonGang is a closed group but you are free to join on recommendation of a member already on the list. Currently you may find members of the MoonGang in chats of YouTube live streams about spaceflight events.

Adding people to mailing list

Everybody already member of the MoonGang is free to invite others to our mailing list. Please advice the persons to place an email to the address apollo@earth-moon.de and to ask for being added to the mailing list. Please make sure the requester will mention your nickname in his mail. That will enable me to talk back to you to confirm the request is welcome and not a fake. This is to keep trolls strictly out.

Placing general information here

For the moment, before I have up interactive pinboards or such, please request information that you think are worth to be accessable to all at any time by to be placed here by mailing me to apollo@earth-moon.de You may request me to put links here of any type, fun facts, book titles, live streamed space events, etc. Whatever you think is worth to be shown here about spaceflight you may bring in. I also will accept off topics but keep them short. I cannot guarantee I will publish it all but I will do my best.

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