Apollo 13 - 50th Anniversary

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About earth-moon.de

earth-moon.de in fact is a real time tracker for the Apollo missions. The problem on it is that I did not add material since long and that techniques are out of time which in first means it needs flash and will be shown properly only with Firefox browser.

You are free to have a look anyway but in contrast to Ben's Apollo real-time the material which is included will only be shown if a mission really is in its anniversary time. To be honest I used my tracker in parallel during the 50th Apollo 11 anniversary all the time in parallel to Ben's Apollo real-time and found Ben's site being better. The only issue was I prefer black white TV of the Moonwalk instead of the sequence camera which was what I saw on my site in parallel. But in the end I hope for Ben for the following missions.

If Ben does not come up with Apollo 12 I hope to have a little more modern Apollo 12 tracker but it will be far away from the skills of Ben's Apollo real-time. Maybe I stay with my old technics but if not of too much costs I bring a YouTube from my local computer to convert outdated technique into new one.

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