Apollo 13 - 50th Anniversary

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Real time tracker Apollo 13
Real time tracker Apollo 17

Real time tracker Apollo 17 Real time tracker Apollo 17

Apollo 12 - Full Mission

Find video media of the Apollo 12 mission with some coments here-

Apollo 12 - Full mission


Really great stuff to read all about the Apollo Program manned missions are for sure the Apollo Flight Journal (AFL) and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSF). Both Journals are not by NASA but supported by NASA and hosted on NASA's history sites. Basically the journals are to read along the comments of the Public Affairs Officer (PAO), the air-to-ground transcript and onboard recordings supplemented by many technical background information and explanations as well as audio and video sequences captured during the missions.

Apollo Flight Journal
Apollo Flight Journal

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

Apollo Program Timelines

Timelines: Based on the timelines from the NASA history sites you will find the same timeslines here but showing the achieved mission steps and countdowns to the next step every year when an Apollo mission has its Anniversary.

LROC - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

The LRO - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is probe launched on 18-Jun-2009 by NASA that orbits the moon for detailed mapping of the lunar surface. The LROC site lets you zoom into details, measure distances, etc. Maybe you find the Apollo landing sites. Yes, they are there, just a few pixels for the LM decent stages but they are visible as wail as trails of the astronauts and the LRV - Lunar Roving Vehicle.


50 Years On Moon, especially the 13 Minutes to The Moon podcasts from BBC are a nice series along the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 in 2019.

The Atlantic

There are many series all over the world regarding the 50th Apollo 11 anniversary. But as I was interviewed by The Atlantic for the article series there I put this link here too. I think it is really good series not only seeing the event but also the time before and after: https://www.theatlantic.com/projects/apollo-11-moon-landing-anniversary/.

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